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Announcements for June 6, 2017


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Last night the athletic banquet was a success at Frankie Tomatoes, thank you to all who came out and participated.

At this time, the coaches would like to take a moment to thank Mr. Tushingham for all of his hard work throughout the year.  We all appreciate the effort that you put in so that the students can have a well-run sports and athletic program!   You are organized, dilligent and thoughtful and we would like to recognize your hard work and dedication!  

On behalf of all the coaches and athletes, a big thank you for running last night and keeping the sports program running smoothly!  


Evi please come the main gym office and pick up your monkey! Plus, a big thank you to Evi and Tiffany S. for making a great slideshow for the Athletic Banquet!


Thanks to all the athletes and coaches who attended the Athletic Banquet last night, without you it doesn’t happen. A special congratulations to all the Athletes of the Year, great work. Lastly, thank you to Mr. Fisher, Mr. Black and Ms. Somjii who stayed late with the karaoke and photo bunch! Thanks. Mr. Tushingham.


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