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Announcements for September 21, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 Image result for throwback thursday puns


Model United Nations meets today in Room 319 at 3:30. Travel around to meet with your fellow delegates and find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues! If you’re lucky, you may even get to nuke somebody. Anyone can join, and everyone is welcome. 

To all students interested in being mentors for this year’s International Outreach club, please meet today at lunch in Room 317. Bring ideas on how to make this year’s club bigger and better! 

Did you know that in May of 2016 The Terry Fox Foundation announced that over $715 million had been raised to support cancer research in Terry’s name? On Tuesday September 26th, STRIVE will be hosting a special Terry Fox event. After the Terry Fox run, students who donate to the Terry Fox Foundation will have the chance to throw buckets of ice cold water on student leaders, and teachers. Minimum donations for buckets of water go by size and target: To hit any student executives, Janine, Justin, Rocco, Terris, Abhi, Yusuf, Imaan, Tiffany or Anabela, a milk jug goes for $2, a mop bucket for $5 and a recycling bin for $10. To hit Mr. Black, Ms. N, Ms. Saini, Ms. Hajra, Ms. Misiri, Ms. Krishna, Mr. W, Ms. Somji or Ms. Wiles a milk jug goes for $5, a mop bucket for $10 and a recycling bin for $15. Don’t miss this opportunity to donate to an important cause, and soak your executives and teachers! 

DECA. Meet today in Room 411 after school. The online tests are coming soon! 

A friendly reminder to all students attending We Day this year, please bring your signed permission forms to Ms. Krishna or Ms. Saini by tomorrow. 

Security is a habit. You do not want to lose something valuable, or have something problematic placed in your locker. 

Far too many lockers were unlocked or had no lock yesterday. Starting this coming Monday, you will receive detentions for unsecured lockers. 

Also, if I see someone open a locker which is not theirs, I will speak to the owner of the locker. You are the only student who should know how to open your locker!


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