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Town Centre High School Carnival

HS carnival day 2017
Town Centre Private Schools’ High School Division offers students a House League program which incorporates a variety of activities and competitions including athletics, arts, community service and other spirit building events. Each TCPS student, as well as every member of the teaching faculty, is assigned to 1 of 6 houses. The following House League names are representative of the 6 most popular university destinations of TCPS graduates.

House                                                 Affiliation
Varsity Blues                                      University of Toronto
Mustangs                                            University of Western Ontario
Marauders                                          McMaster University
Gryphons                                            University of Guelph
Warriors                                             University of Waterloo
Lions                                                    York University                                 

On Friday, September 8th, Town Centre celebrated its first House League Activity Day of the year with an outdoor Carnival Day. The six Houses took to the field in a variety of simple, competitive games, such as tug-of-war and toss-the-chicken contests, rock-paper-scissor relays, egg and spoon races, soccer obstacle course and the game “Foxes and Squirrels”. Designed to allow students the opportunity to get to know one another and have some fun, it was a terrific way to finish off the first week of school. Congratulations to the Lions who took first place with 330 points followed by the Marauders with 270 and Mustangs with 260. 

We thank the staff and students for making the afternoon a great success and look forward to the House League event, the annual Terry Fox Run!


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