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Week at a Glance – June 5-9

HIGH SCHOOL WEEK-AT-A GLANCE                              Monday, June 5 – Friday, June 9

Week #37



Mon. June 5

Day 2


Athletic Awards Banquet 5:00/Frankie Tomatto’s

All HS coaches and students welcome

(see note #1)

Tues. June 6

Day 0

Review day: Students to follow revised schedule (see note #2)




All HS students and faculty


Wed. June 7

Exam Day 1

See schedules below

(note #3)


Thurs. June 8

Exam Day 2


Fri. June 9

Exam Day 3


Sat. June 10


Open House 10:45-3:00 Town Centre faculty, staff and student volunteers




  1. All students are encouraged to attend the Athletic Banquet and Frankie Tomatto’s, beginning at 5:00 pm. Tickets are available at the school.


  1. We will be following a revised schedule on Tuesday. Students will rotate through all classes (Days 1 and 2) as follows:            Day 1 period 1                              8:45-9:25

Day 2 period 1                              9:30-10:05

Homeroom                                    10:05-10:15

Day 1 period 2                              10:20-11:00

Day 2 period 2                              11:05-11:40

Lunch                                            11:40-12:30

Day 1 period 3                               12:30-1:10

Day 2 period 3 (plus break)           1:15-1:55

Day 1 period 4                               2:00-2:40

Day 2 period 4                               2:45-3:20


  1. Students are reminded that the LOUNGE WILL BE CLOSED at 4pm every day beginning

July 5. Students who wish to stay at school past 4:00 will be expected to be in the LIBRARY studying for exams.










The schedule for Exam Days 1-3 is as follows:


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7                    9:00 am

Course Teacher Exam length
MHF 4U Ms. Novakovic 3 hours
ENG 3U Ms. Saini, Ms. Cha, Ms. Derlick 2.5 hours


1:00 pm

Course Teacher Exam length
CHC 2D Mr. Fisher 2 hours
CIE 3M Mr. Fisher 2.5 hours
ENG 1D Ms. McDonald 2 hours



THURSDAY, JUNE 8                       9:00 am

Course Teacher Exam length
ICS 3U Mr. Lam 2.5 hours
FSF 4U Ms. Somji 3 hours
ENG 4U Ms. Krishna, Ms. Saini 3 hours


                                                            1:00 pm

Course Teacher Exam length
ENG 2D Mr. Wijeyesekera 2 hours
SPH 3U Ms. Novakovic, Mr. Tavalla 2.5 hours
AVI 4M Mr. Wijeyesekera 1.5 hours



FRIDAY, JUNE 9                              9:00 am

Course Teacher Exam length
MCR 3U Mr. Tavalla, Ms. Somji 2.5 hours
MPM 1D Ms. Hajra 1.5 hours
AMU 4M Mr. Friedman 1.5 hours


                                                            1:00 pm

Course Teacher Exam length
BBB 4M Mr. Chorowiec 3 hours



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