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Week at a Glance for September 25-29, 2017

HIGH SCHOOL WEEK-AT-A GLANCE                             Monday, Sept. 25 – Friday, Sept. 29

Week #4    



Mon. Sept. 25

Day 3

MADD presentation



DECA symposium





1:00/main gym



All day/ Red Rose Convention Centre, Mississauga



All HS faculty and students (See note #1)


Mr. Fisher and DECA executive



Ms. Somji and team

Tues. Sept. 26

Day 4

Terry Fox Run

(No uniform required: House T-shirts and appropriate athletic wear)  


Boys’ volleyball



Girls’ basketball


Period 2/Highgate





7:15/small gym



4:00/main gym

All HS faculty and students

(See note #2)




Mr. Tushingham, Ms. Novakovic and team


Mr. Black, Ms. Morris and team

Wed. Sept. 27

Day 1

Grade 9s depart for Bark Lake



Ultimate tournament



Flag football

7:45/meet in room 319




All day/ Sheppard’s Bush, Aurora



Ms. McDonald, Ms. Wiles, Mr. Tushingham, grade 9 students (See note #3)


Ms. Somji, Ms. Ahadie and team


Mr. Black, Mr. Dosman and team

Thurs. Sept. 28

Day 2

Me to We



Boys’ volleyball 

All day/Air Canada Centre, Toronto


7:15/main gym

Ms. Krishna, Ms. Saini and some STRIVE students


Ms. Novakovic and team

Fri. Sept. 29

Day 3

DP Late Start


Grade 9s return from Bark Lake



4:00 (app.)

Grade 11 DP students


Ms. McDonald, Ms. Wiles, Mr. Tushingham, grade 9 students





  1. There will be a presentation by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for all HS students on Monday beginning at 1:00. This presentation will focus on the importance of avoiding getting in a car with an impaired driver. Please see Ms. McDonald for more information.


  1. We will be doing our annual Terry Fox Run on Tuesday this week (to accommodate the grade 9s who will be in Bark Lake on Thursday). Students should wear their House T-shirts (if they have them) and appropriate athletic wear; uniforms are not required on this day.


Upon our return to school, there will be a STRIVE fundraising event which will lead to many students and faculty members getting soaked with cold water. Thank you to the brave souls who have agreed to get wet for a good cause….



  1. The grade 9s will leave for Bark Lake on Wednesday morning. All regular grade 9 classes will be cancelled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please see Mr. McCarthy, Ms. McDonald or Mr. Tushingham if there are questions or concerns with the trip.


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