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Mathematics and Science Competitions

Students in the Science Lab at TCPHS
Each year the high school students participate in a wide variety of academic challenges.  The University of Waterloo’s mathematics exams such as the Fermat, Pascal, Euclid and Sun Life Financial Canadian Open are annual competitions at Town Centre Private Schools.

The students also take part in a variety of science activities, including the University of  Toronto’s National Biology Competition and the Canadian Chemistry Contest, which are run by the Chemical Institute of Canada.

The students will be expanding their competition experiences by entering the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest and the “Chem 13” which are sponsored by the University of Waterloo.   Students prepare for these competitions throughout the year and are assisted by their teachers during lunch and in after school tutorials.  These challenges allow TCPS’ High School students to gauge their abilities in competition with other students from across the country.

TCPS’ High School division is extremely proud of the students’ efforts and achievements in these competitions.




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