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2018 University Acceptance



Programs Accepted by Our Graduates

At the end of June, we proudly say farewell to the Graduating Class of 2018 and wish them all the best as they embark on their post-secondary pursuits. Students graduating from Town Centre Private Schools’ High School division have traditionally been successful in their university endeavours, with 100% of our graduates, who apply to university, being accepted. The following is a list of where the 2018 TCPS graduates are pursuing their post-secondary studies and in which fields.                                         

University of Toronto
Business (Co-op) includes a $1,500 scholarship, Business Management, Computer Science, Computer Science (Co-op) includes a $1,500 scholarship, Communication and Information Technology, Electric and Computer Engineering, Engineering Science with $5,000 scholarship, Health Sciences and Psychology, Industrial Engineering includes a $2,000 scholarship, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics (Co-op), Social Sciences,
Social Sciences and Humanities, and Rotman School of Business

York University
Biology, Criminology, Management includes $1,000 scholarship, Psychology, and
Schulich School of Business includes a $500 scholarship

University of Waterloo
Architecture includes a $2,000 scholarship, Business and Arts (Co-op), Computer Science includes a $2,000 scholarship from the University as well as a $2,500 TD scholarship, Mathematics included a $7,000 scholarship, Mathematics and Accounting, Pharmacy includes a $2,000 scholarship, Science includes a 1,000 scholarship

McMaster University
Engineering (Co-op), Health Sciences includes a $1,000 scholarship, Life Sciences includes a $1,000 scholarship, and Mathematics and Statistics includes a $1,000 scholarship
McGill University
Life Sciences and Biomedical includes a $3,000 scholarship, and Materials Engineering

University of Ottawa
Computer Engineering, and Visual Arts

University of Windsor
Mathematics includes a $1,000 scholarship       

Western University
Business Management, and Medical Sciences includes a $1,000 scholarship

Ryerson University
Accounting and Finance, Business Technology Management includes a $4,000 scholarship, Child and Youth Care, Commerce includes a $6,000 scholarship and Nursing includes a $8,000 scholarship

Carlton University
Communication and Media Studies includes a $1,000 scholarship

Wilfred Laurier University
Business Technology Management includes a $1,500 scholarship, and Computer Science and Psychology

University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Business Technology, and Life Sciences

Algoma University
Political Science

Berklee College of Music (Boston, Massachusetts)

Leicester University (Leicester, United Kingdom)
Law includes £3,000 Canadian Excellence Scholarship

Seneca College
Civil Engineering Technology, and Fashion Design





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