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Payment Options

TCPS offers a variety of payment options for students and their families.

  1. Pay the tuition fees in full at the time of registration and receive a 4% discount before April 1, 2019, 2% thereafter.
  2. (International Students Only) Pay the tuition fees in two equal instalments, one at the time of registration and the other payment dated October 1 and receive a 2% discount before April 1, 2018, and 1% thereafter.
  3. Pay the tuition fees in monthly postdated cheques of equal amounts with the first cheque dated at the time of registration and the remainder of the cheques postdated for the first of each month from September 1 through May 1.

International students must choose either payment option number 1 or 2.

Additional discounts are available to brothers and sisters of a registered student. Each subsequent sibling will receive a 4% discount on his/her tuition fees provided they are registered in a full-time program. Only the oldest child will be charged the full tuition fees.

Multiple discounts are not available.




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