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Town Centre offers a variety of both curricular and co-curricular opportunities in the Arts.

Students with a passion for music have the opportunity not only to take part in instrumental music classes as part of our program from grades 9 to 12, but may also participate in the school’s Senior Band. The band performs at the annual Arts Night and at the Kiwanis Music Festival each February.

Similarly, students interested in visual arts have the opportunity to study art history and practice their artistic talents in courses ranging from grades 9 to 12. The “Art Club” meets regularly throughout the year to support drama projects and other special events in high school. These students help with set design and construction, and are always on hand to provide their artistic flair to the school’s many projects.

Those with a flair for the dramatic are encouraged to audition for our annual school play and to become involved as either a member of the cast or the crew. Drama is a staple of the AP arts stream; beginning in 2011, all students in this stream will have drama as a core part of their academic curriculum.

The various House activities and special events, such as our annual Talent Show, give students another outlet to express themselves creatively. At Town Centre, the arts truly are for everyone!




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