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House League and Activity Days



Town Centre Private Schools’ High School division offers a full house league program which incorporates a variety of activities and competitions including athletics, arts, community service and other spirit building events. Each TCPS student, as well as, every member of the TCPS teaching faculty, is assigned to 1 of 6 houses. The following house names are representative of the 6 most popular university destinations of TCPS graduates.

House Affiliation Colours
Varsity Blues University of Toronto Blue and White
Mustangs University of Western Ontario Purple and Silver
Maurauders McMaster University Maroon and White
Gryphons University of Guelph Red and Gold
Warriors University of Waterloo Black and Gold
Lions York University White and Red

Each student is provided with a House T-shirt at the beginning of the school year in September. These T-shirts are worn with other appropriate athletic wear in place of the school uniform on specially designated House Spirit Days over the course of the school year.


Athletics and Extracurricular


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