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Daily Announcements

May 24 Announcements

    Prom Committee meeting at lunch today in Room 319 – please be in time.   Mud Cup team lists are posted around the school.  House Rooms are on same list Schedule for today: Normal day including going to … Continued

May 23 Announcements

      Congratulations to the boys’ soccer team on a well-played tournament yesterday. Even though they were undefeated with 1 win and 3 ties it was not enough to advance to the semi finals. Good work team you should … Continued

May 22 Announcements

  Softball: the practice is tomorrow, not today. Thursday, not Wednesday. Get a hat for tomorrow. Thanks! A reminder that the IB exams will be taking place today in the afternoon today from 12:45 to 4:15. Please be quiet in … Continued

May 21 Announcements

    Last call for volunteers from the TC HS Badminton Team to aid in eyewear maintenance and storage. Please see Mr. Tushingham in the main gym at lunch or 3:30pm. Thanks. MUDCUP! Sign up on Schoology – the codes … Continued

May 17 Announcements

    Come by the senior lounge at lunch today to get some freezies, sold by STRIVE. See you there! A reminder that the IB exams are in progress in the morning and afternoon today. Avoid the hall and stairs … Continued

May 16 Announcements

    Congratulations to all the students who wrote the Financial Literacy Competition! I’m sure you all prepared well and did very well too! Results will be available soon! Fingers crossed!!! Just a reminder that the IB exams will be … Continued

May 15 Announcements

  Just a reminder that there will be IB exams in room 411 today from 12:45 to 2:15. Please be quiet in the halls and avoid the stairs near room 411 during exam time. 

May 14 Announcements

    HS Badminton medal winners please submit your medals to Mr. Tushingham as soon as possible to get them engraved for awards. We are pleased to announce that on Monday, June 3 at 9:15am we will be hosting our … Continued

May 13 Announcements

    A wallet went missing this morning with a significant amount of cash.  If you come across it, please return it to Mr. Fisher or the office. There is a reward offered for the wallet and its contents.   … Continued

May 10 Announcements

    Art Club will be having a session today at 4pm in room 409. See you then!   Yesterday our badminton team competed at the SSAF Championships at the Pan Am Centre and a special thank you goes out … Continued



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