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At registration or re-registration time, and throughout the course of the School year, the School asks families of students and members of staff to provide personal information.

Our School has a solid track record of respecting privacy and safeguarding personal information. As a result of federal legislation, we have further strengthened our commitment to privacy by informing you the reason and method we collect, use and disclose your personal information.

The School may use the personal information it collects to provide services for which you have registered, to protect the safety and well-being of students and to assist the School in creating new services that will better serve your family.The School will not disclose personal information to any other organization or individual outside the School unless it is to provide you with the services from the School, or when required by law.

In order to protect the personal information of parents/guardians, students and staff, the School will process and store information in a secure and confidential manner, with strict access controls.

In order to process information, the School might ask for your express consent in writing, application form or in person or over the telephone. The School may determine that, by the parents/guardians enrolling their child, or staff joining the School, consent has been implied for the School to deal with personal information of all members of the School community with respect and confidentiality.

Please contact a Vice-Principal at your campus if you have questions or concerns about the School’s privacy policies.

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